RSS feed items now link directly to the message


It’s been a long time coming; but finally, Kopi RSS feeds now support “direct linking” - i.e. you can configure your RSS feed to include a link back to the Kopi application with each individual item.

What's this?

Each RSS feed item now publishes a link back to Kopi for the individual message that relates to that feed item. You just click on the link (depends on you RSS-aggregator, but usually clicking on the title of the item will follow the link) and your browser will take you directly to that message. The message link is secured with you normal login, so you may need to login.

Why would I use it?

This is needed because some people don’t configure their RSS feeds to publish email body as part of the feed (usually for security reasons). This way, the body of the email is locked away behind the full Kopi SSO security architecture and can only be accessed by the account holder.