Help - Have I Been Pwned

What is "Have I Been Pwned"?

The "Have I Been Pwned" service allows you to check if there are any known leaks of your email addresses by third parties that you have given your email address to in the past.

You can find out more information about this service on Wikipedia  or from the Have I Been Pwned  home page.

How do I check a single address?

  • Select "Have I Been Pwned" from the navigation menu
  • Click the button next to the address you're interested in to "request" a check. Note that the check process will take at least a few seconds to process and may take up to a few minutes if the system is busy.
  • Click the button again in order to check on the progress or see the result of your request.
Animation demonstrating checking an address against HIBP
  • The button next to the address will turn green if an address has been checked and is "clean" (address not leaked) or red if some third party site is known to have been "pwned" and your email address was leaked.

How do I check all my addresses?

To check all the addresses in your account, select the "Check all addresses" option in the burger menu.

Each address takes a few seconds to check, so it can take while to check them all if you have lots of addresses. Click the refresh button to in the top right to see how your check requests are progressing.