Help - Mail retention

Types of email data stored by Kopi

Kopi stores two types of data relating to the emails that it forwards: “Metadata” and “Content”.


  • Kopi stores a minimal amount of “metadata” about each message it sends (from address, to address, subject, account id, etc.)
  • Kopi metadata is stored in a database, along with information about accounts, preferences, etc.
  • Metadata is used for displaying the lists of delivered and rejected messages

Content data

  • The actual content and all associated headers for a forwarded mail message
  • Mail message content is stored in secured secondary storage area - separate from all other Kopi data and metadata.
  • Content data is used for forwarding email, re-sending email, viewing email and creating RSS feeds

Mail retention

“Mail retention” relates to how long Kopi stores data related to forwarding mail.

Metadata for at least as long as message data.

You can control the minimum storage time for metadata and content from the home screen.

mail retention config screenshot

Mail purging

Any email data that falls outside the retention period for that account is referred to as “expired data”. You can still see it and access it - but it may (and eventually, will) get deleted at some point.

Kopi deletes expired mail on a periodic basis, referred to as “purging” - after Kopi has purged expired data, it is gone forever.

If you set your metadata/message retention period to be short - expired data is immediately at risk of being purged and once that happens, it cannot be restored - even if you re-set your retention period.