USD $1 /month

  • 1 month free trial - No credit card required!

Price guarantee

If the pricing on Kopi is raised and you feel the price is no longer fair or worth it - submit in-app feedback outlining your concerns and request the previous price.

You will be provided a promotion code to reduce your next subscription price to the previous cost. You can do this for as long as you feel Kopi is not worth the price.

Oh, by the way, if you pay for Kopi during your trial period, you get subscriber status immediately but your subscription period doesn't start until after your trial period ends. Effectively, you get subscriber status for whatever time remains in your trial period for free!

Availability guarantee

Best efforts are made to keep Kopi available via architectural best practices - multi-node, multi-zone, point-in-time backups, etc.

In the event that Kopi is unsuccessful and needs to be shut down - subscribers will be notified via email and Kopi will be kept available for paying subscribers up to at least 2 years after the last payment was made - even if it runs at a loss.

Privacy guarantee

Kopi is a paid service. You are the customer, not the product.

Kopi will never have ads, does not engage in any kind of data harvesting and will never sell your information to anybody.

No recurring subscriptions

You can pay for a Kopi subscription 6 or 12 months at a time, in advance, for however long you want (at least up to the availability guarantee).

There is currently no recurring subscription option for Kopi. Credit card details are never sent to or stored by the Kopi back-end systems. Only the payment processor (Stripe ) ever sees your card details and you can choose to delete your card details each time you make a payment.

When your subscription ends

When the subscription period ends, your forwarders and mail are still safe and your mail will still be delivered (though it will be prioritized behind paying subscribers).

Initially, you lose access to the RSS feed and the ability to create new forwarders.

Eventually, mail delivery will be prioritized behind paying subscribers (which could result in a delay to mail delivery). You will be notified via email at least three months before mail delivery would cease.

Kopi does not currently reclaim forwarders used by customers who have ever paid for the service. If this policy were to ever change, you would be notified be email at least 6 months in advance.

If you want to stop paying for Kopi but need some time to transition away to using a different service - submit in-app feedback outlining the situation. Kopi will provide support for transitioning off the service, including providing any data exports needed and extending your subscription until you can move off the service without problems.