Terms of service

Kopi is not to be used for medical, secret or critical purposes

Kopi mail delivery is provided on a "best effort" basis and is not intended for life or mission critical usage.

Kopi makes no guarantees about mail delivery - email is an inherently unreliable protocol.

Kopi makes no guarantees about mail privacy or security in transit. Your email is safe while it's on Kopi systems, but email is an inherently insecure communications protocol. Using an email forwarding service adds an intermediate step to your email communications, extra steps means extra attack surface.

Kopi is not to be used for anything illegal or harmful

In order to keep the service available to the majority of users, any illegal or otherwise harmful activity may result in your account being closed. Kopi will fully cooperate with reasonable law enforcement requirements when requested through legitimate means.

This includes such things as: You may not use Kopi to impersonate other people or organisations. You may not use Kopi to send spam, hate-mail or otherwise harmful, offensive or unsolicited email.

Kopi is not a free service

The trial functionality exists to allow people to confirm how Kopi works and to see if it's worth paying for.

Trial user accounts should be abandoned if you decide you're not willing to pay for the service and the resources they use will eventually be reclaimed (with notice).

You may not re-sell or otherwise make available Kopi services

Kopi is available on a "business to consumer" basis only. Feel free to contact Kopi if you have a business proposition, but the service is not to be used in an aggregate or automated fashion.

This includes mail forwarded via managed domains - this functionality is made available for use on a personal basis only.

To clarify: Individuals who wish to automate their own personal workflow are free to do so (contact us, maybe we can help!)

Kopi makes no commitment about stability of UI or API calls used.

Your usage of Kopi may not affect other people's usage of the service

If your usage is adversely affecting other people, you will be contacted first - but your account may be terminated or otherwise limited if deemed necessary for the stability of the service.

This includes "over-use" of the service. Kopi currently defines no "usage limits", but if your usage of the service is dis-proportionately heavy, to the point where providing for that usage is likely to require increasing the cost of Kopi to other users - your usage may be limited.

Mail metadata storage and processing

In order to provide the service, Kopi must necessarily store and analyse your email in order to forward it and show you the list of recently delivered mail.

The "analysis" of your emails is limited to analysis of the mail headers (from, to, subject, etc.) - in order to forward your mail correctly.

Mail content storage and processing

A copy of your email is kept securely for a limited time, for the purposes of mail forwarding and in order to support "re-sending" and accessing mail through other means (direct viewing, RSS, etc.)

Kopi does not and will never analyse your email or extract or store any information other than for providing the forwarding and reading services to the user.

The only time Kopi uses your email content for anything other than forwarding is when you've requested to display an email in the browser.

Data retention

No information about your usage of the service is retained other than in aggregate, and only for purposes of improving the system.

You may request deletion of your personal data by contacting the Kopi administrators directly through the website or in-app feedback mechanisms.

Best effort availability

Kopi service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

All efforts are made to provide a robust and reliable service, but you use Kopi at your own risk.

Ad-hoc termination

Kopi may suspend or terminate your access to the service at any time, for any reason - but you will always be notified (by email, to your account contact email address).

Trial period termination

All Kopi services (including mail delivery) may be revoked. You will notified before email delivery or keyword reclamation (by email, to your account contact email address).

Subscription expiry

Access to subscriber features may be revoked (RSS, keyword creation, etc.)

You will be notified before any email delivery is delayed or terminated (by email, to your account contact email address with a minimum 6 months notice).

Kopi does not currently reclaim keywords that have been used on a subscription account. If this policy changes, you will be notified by email, to your account contact email address.

Revisions to terms of service

Kopi may revise the terms of service from time to time. Changes to the terms will be posted here so you should check this page periodically to review the most recent statement.