Welcome to Kopi!

Kopi is an email forwarder.
It's all about handing out generated email addresses to websites or companies so that they don't know your real address.

Deal with Spam easily

Ever regretted giving out your email address? Do you keep getting emails you don't care about and didn't want in the first place?

Next time, give out a Kopi address instead. It's a targeted, disposable "burner" address. If somebody starts to abuse your trust - block that address simply and easily.

If you reply to forwarded emails through Kopi (just by replying normally like like any other mail), your real address will be kept safe from the mail sender. You can have entire email conversations with people without ever revealing your real email address.

Mobile friendly

Kopi is very mobile friendly. With single sign-on through Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. - you can easily block those annoying mails with minimal effort, right from your phone.

Want to change your email provider?

If you mostly use Kopi addresses - you can change your "real" address and all your email will just follow along. With Kopi, you can use services like GMail or your ISP's "free" email account without worrying about being locked in to that service forever.

View mail as RSS

See rejected mail listed in your RSS feed.

If enabled, Kopi can generate a feed of your blocked email for your RSS reader. Paste the URL into your RSS reader and you can browse through rejected mail at your leisure as part of your everyday reading flow. This is great for sites that send a lot of unimportant email mixed up with messages you sometimes want to see, if you happen to have the time.

Use it for Github, LinkedIn, StackOverflow, mailing lists, job seeking sites, etc. Any service that sends emails can be turned into an RSS feed instead.

Trial period

Kopi is a paid service.

You are the customer, not the product. Kopi will never have ads, does not engage in any kind of data harvesting and will never sell your information to anybody.

The first month is free so you can try it out before you buy. At the end of the trial period (you will be notified first) Kopi may stop forwarding mail on your behalf so that resources can be reclaimed for paying customers.